Before you start

The Pre-enrollment allows for an applicant to enter the text data for a passport application before going to enroll. Please note that the submission of the pre-enrollment application is not the submission of a passport application. The passport application will only be submitted once the applicant goes to an enrollment station and provides biometric information.

An application can be saved temporarily or a submitted application can be edited and appointment date can also be updated. But before it can be saved, certain mandatory fields must be filled in. These fields can later be entered to retrieve the saved or submitted application. Applications are saved for 15 working days or till enrollment is done, whichever is first. After 15 working days, even if enrollment is not done, that application can no longer be retrieved using the information.

Once pre-enrollment application is submitted, a printout of the pre-enrollment application will need to be taken. This printout is important and has to be taken along with other necessary document to the enrollment station for enrollment.If a printout is lost, the applicant needs to log in and take another printout.

Same person cannot submit multiple pre-enrollment applications.If an applicant wants to change appointment or correct information, he/she will need to login and retrieve the existing application to do it. Otherwise he/she will have to wait for 15 working days for the application to be removed automatically before another pre-enrollment.

If a government holiday is announced late, so as an appointment date falls on a government holiday, the appointment will be nullified and the applicant will either need to set another appointment date within the 15 working days of initial submission period or simply go for a enrollment within that period.

Appointments are not mandatory but enrollments with appointments will get higher priority.

Edit / View Application

To retrieve your application within 15 days if not enrolled already, please click on the EDIT/VIEW APPLICATION button. You will need all of the following information to retrieve your application -
1. Reference number of Pre-enrollment.
2. Surname.
3. Date of Birth in Nepali calendar.
4. Citizenship Number, and
5. Citizenship place of Issue.

Edit / View Application